Apple Security Flaws

More security vulnerabilities will appear in the Apple Security than in Microsoft’s, more attacks on the Internet’s infrastructure will occur, and cybersecurity events will stoke international tensions. Users of Apple desktops and laptops for years have been relatively insulated from the kinds of malicious activity that has besieged those in the Windows world, but that’s going to change next year.

More software flaws will affect Adobe and Apple in 2017, compared to Microsoft. Declining PC sales and an exodus to mobile platforms have dampened interest in targeting devices running Windows. Microsoft also has upped its security game in recent times, which has made it more difficult for attackers to find vulnerabilities in Windows.

Three years previously in August 2014, Lovato and Lawrence were victims of the first ‘Fappening’, a mass attack on celebrities’ iCloud accounts also known as Celebgate.

Hacker Ryan Collins released 500 suggestive pictures he’d stolen from celebrities’ iCloud and Gmail accounts, gathering them using a simple phishing scheme which tricks users into handing over log-in details.

“Anonymous has been fractured for some time,” Kellermann noted. “On Jan. 20, you could see a consolidation of Anonymous once again, for the cause of acting out against the incoming administration.”

Now Londonbased hacker group, calling itself the Turkish Crime Family, has claimed to have access to 250 million accounts although Apple has Denied and said data of icloud users are safe but they have claimed to have access and show some proof to media and demanding Ransom check this out.

Remember there has been previous occurrence where iCloud has been hacked and Private Pictures and Videos of many celebrities has been leaked online and apple seurity has been caught red handed with there claims of been prefect so this time we iCloud Users expects full security of our data in iCloud but some of the function would be done on the user end like Keep Changing your iCloud Password don’t use easy Phrases which is easily to crack like your name with dob. Keep your password be strong enough to not let easily be cracked.