Google Assistant supports more home automation devices

Google has announced that now Google Assistant supports a few more home automation devices alongside all the products it already supports. Those devices are the Best Buy Insignia WiFi plug, LIFX bulbs, Wink, and TP-Link devices.

Google Assistant supports

Google Assistant supports add more devices

Starting today, Google is announcing that smart home products from TP-Link, LIFX, Wink, and Best Buy’s Insignia WiFi Smart Plug will be supported by Google Assistant. These products include color changing bulbs from TP-Link and LIFX, smart outlets from the likes of Insignia and TP-Link, and dozens of other smart home products compatible with the Wink ecosystem.

TP-Link revealed to us that Google Home support was coming back at CES 2017, so it’s great to see that the functionality is finally rolling out. The addition of LIFX also adds some of the first “hub-less” smart bulbs to Assistant’s lineup, a huge plus for users who want something a bit simpler.

Better yet, the addition of Wink opens up Assistant to interacting with dozens of different smart home products from various brands too, including some thermostats.

  • Cool down and “turn on the fan” with the Best Buy Insignia Wi-Fi Smart Plug
  • Set the mood for your dinner party and “change the living room lights to blue” with LIFX
  • Relax and “dim the living room lights” with TP-Link
  • Get comfortable and “turn up the heat” with Wink

In addition to Google’s announcement, August has also revealed that its smart door lock will be supported by Google Home, making it the first smart lock to support all three major digital assistants (HomeKit, Alexa, Assistant). For now, users will only be able to lock their door or check the status of the lock, but the company says it is working with Google to develop a more secure way to enable unlocking the door.