How to Install Custom Rom on android Device

Custom ROMs are the ROMs which is not developed by Device manufacturer but developed by the third party or person or Organisation. If you are bored with your Stock ROM and try to install the Custom ROM which Provides many benefits such as improved battery, better performance and good user interface, then follow the instructions given below to How to Install Custom Rom on Android Device

Backup your data before you start and follow the instructions.


Steps to How to Install Custom Rom on android Device

1. Download the Stable ROM

First Step in installing custom ROM is to find the right ROM for your Android device there are numerous custom rom for the same device but some are UNSTABLE means they may not be able to perform some operation. So you have to find STABLE custom rom.

To Find out right ROM for your device you need to find the Model Number of your device. To find out the Model Number First you need to go to the Settings of your Android and then go to the About Phone and find the Model Number.



2. Rooting the Android Device

To install the Custom ROM you need to Root your device. To root your device there are number of Software’s like kingoroot, oneclickroot, iroot etc.. There are many software but I enlisted some of the best software for rooting the android device. Which is both available for Windows and Android Platform. Both are Equally good. To Know more about Rooting the Android Please Read How to Root Android Device



3. Boot In Recovery

To boot into Recovery you need to use multiple buttons at the same time. To go into Recovery mode Press and hold the Power Button and Volume Down button. When you are in Recovery Mode then you would see Something like this.



4. Format the Device

Now you need to go to Wipe and Format Options. Then select Wipe Cache and then select YES Option, Then you need to select the Wipe Dalvik Cache then select YES Option. And last you need to select Clean to Install a New ROM and then select YES Option.

5. Installing the ROM

Then you need to install the custom rom, press the Install Zip option, then go to the directory which you have copy the Custom ROM Zip file as stated above it would be in the SD Card then select the ZIP file and Select OK. It would take maximum 5 min to installs the custom ROM then the device would be Rebooted it would take 5-10 min to start up.



Enjoy your new Custom Rom.