Move to SD Card

Even after trying Move to SD Card option in settings of android and still Low on Phone storage on your android device and getting annoyed by the Unremovable message of “Phone storage is full” and wants to install or Move to SD Card without Losing data or want to store some data on your phone but couldn’t because of low or less storage here is the solution of the problem of low memory storage.


Google play store install all your apps in your phone’s internal memory by default means on your phone storage, so it uses up all your phone storage and it makes phone storage full and makes it unable to use the phone memory for different purposes like saving audio, video files regardless of that at some point you wouldn’t be able to use the phone storage even for installing the apps or updating the existing apps and on some point your phone would start to hang Lag on some occasions it would restart means your phone is completely messed up but hang on there is a solution of this problem by moving apps and it’s data to SD Card. Here is the Guide which will teach you how to properly Move your apps from Phone to SD card.

How to Save Phone Memory

There are many ways to save phone memory and Install Apps on SD Card to save the internal memory or phone storage for different purposes.

Move Apps using PC or Desktop(Computer)

Using Computer for moving apps require some special software and device requirement so I don’t prefer to use this method for Moving apps to SD Card, so we stick to the Phone method of moving the apps to sd card

Move to SD Card apps

If you try to search Move to sd card apps google would flood your result with millions of apps but you should know how they work them and what are the requirements to let these apps to work correctly otherwise, you may end up with a bricked device so be careful while using these apps.

Move to SD Card Apps on Google play store


So, this is the guide for Moving the apps to SD Card using apps Safely and perfectly would harming the android device. There are number of apps available on Google play store which claims to Moves apps to SD Card but none of them would do.

Before we start up we need a Rooted Phone. Wondering what is Root

How to Root Android Device

Explained and Detailed analysis of what is Root and How it would work

Check out How to Root Android Device In this article you would get to know what is Root and How to Root Android Phone.



After Rooting the android phone, you need to go to Google Play Store and search for Move to SD card apps. Even though there are number of apps which claims to Move the app to SD card but I personally use System app remover as it is easy to use and have many features like One click Move to SD card and Move to Phone Storage.

So Here are the steps to Move Android Apps to SD Card

Open Google play store and Search for the System app remover app and tap on install button it can take some time.



After installing the app you would see icon like that tap on the app to open.


After that you see an pop up of SuperUser asking for the permission. By allowing you give the app full permission and right to go through your android root directory. Tap on Allow and it will take you to app it will take you to the interface of the app.



After that you will see a screen like that in an image tap on System app option on Left corner of the screen.



Now you will see an option of Move to SD Card tap on it. It will display all the apps that you have in your phone storage. Tap on the apps which you will want to Move to SD Card and then Click on the Move button on the bottom of the screen it will also display the whole size of the app/apps which you will Move to SD Card and it will make that much space free on the Phone storage.



Go to Settings and check out the Storage of your Phone Device

Hope you will find the article interesting and useful.