New YouTube Policy 2017

New YouTube Monetization Policy april 2017

Last Night is the big night for the blogger and vlogger who wants to earn money with their blog and vlog YouTube has one surprise for you with new youtube policy 2017 under Partner program have been declared by youtube starting from immediate effect i.e April 7 2017, that new YouTuber might not like, YouTube has Temporarly disabled Monetization for a Channel who have less than 10k views on their channel videos, but it is necessary for the YouTube as it loosing it’s advertisers quickly because of spam which is going on the YouTube.

Here is the Explanation of why YouTube has Pulled their Monetization option for a New YouTuber who have less than 10K view on their channel, Let me give you an idea that which will help you why YouTube has disabled monetization option for a new YouTuber .

new youtube policy 2017

Let me Give a Quick look to you why a new YouTuber has been temporarily ban from monetization option for Ex:- What a new YouTuber has been thinking before starting a Channel put up some videos and start making money but here is the catch some of new YouTuber has misused this option by putting copyrighted videos on the YouTube and some how managed to fool YouTube algorithm from catching the copyrighted material that’s why advertiser of the youtube have been pulling their ads from the YouTube Platform.

Here is new youtube policy 2017 to Monetize a new Channel

  1. Start a New YouTube Channel
  2. Upload Interesting Videos
  3. Upload an Eye Catching Thumbnail
  4. Build your audience
  5. Get the 10k view
  6. Apply for Monetization
  7. Make money.